Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fixing me...part II

Yikes, look at my sad, lonely little blog here.   No posts since July?  Eh, not that anyone really notices, right? ;)

Well, I wanted to document an update on my "fixing me" mission.  Since I wrote my last post about this, I have not been back to the naturopathic doc.  Not because I didn't like her, but moreso because she decided to no longer take insurance for office visits.  I just couldn't justify the $100 a pop out of pocket costs ON TOP OF the supplement costs when I wasn't feeling overwhelmingly better.  Don't get me wrong, I would recommend her or them to you... in a heartbeat.  You find out a lot about yourself.

What I have done since posting:

  • I began eating very high protein, very low carb  (DO NOT READ "no" CARB...just LOW.)
  • I lost 16 pounds.
  • I have had only ONE headache since August.
  • I exercise 4-5 days per week...consistently.
  • My skin, while not perfect, is FAR clearer than it's been in YEARS!
I'm still working on all of this, but I stumbled onto the fact that my body cannot, apparently, digest carbohydrates like it used to.  I am so, so sad.  But, I also got over it. :D  I also somewhat stumbled onto the fact that soy makes my body angry - in the form of ovarian cysts. :P  I'm not saying they're the cause...but they certainly have some impact on triggering one.  I'm sure of it.

The carbs that I do allow myself these days are from natural, unprocessed sources.  Nuts.  Cream.  Honey. That kind of thing.

My typical food for a day looks something like this:
Breakfast:  3 eggs.  (Yes 3.)  I fry them in a pan with some olive oil (or not, depending on the pan) and add salt/pepper.  Sometimes I put some cheese on them.  Or, if not eggs, I'll have a Kind bar...holy delicious!  Oh, and coffee with almond milk + stevia.  Lots of coffee.  Sometimes, I'll put whipped cream in my coffee - Reddi Whip.  YUM!

Lunch:  Salad of romaine + spinach with grilled chicken, feta, egg (sometimes), olive oil, and S&P.

Dinner:  (2) Turkey burger patties with cheese.

Snacks:  Raw almonds (Or I roast them myself.  If you've ever looked at the ingredients of already roasted ones, there's a bunch of crap I don't want - namely, vegetable oil.)  I also sometimes snack on a spoonful of peanut butter.  Or, I just squirt some of that yummy aforementioned whipped cream on a spoon and shovel it in. :) 

What I really try to do is eat the carbs early in the day.  I shoot for before 2pm, but sometimes its a little a later.  I also guzzle the water.

Alcohol is very, very rare.  And, when I do, it's a glass of red wine.

I certainly am not saying this is the answer for everyone. But, it's working for me.  I feel better.  MUCH, MUCH better.  And, I'm losing weight.  My skin has cleared up considerably.  I'm not exhausted constantly.  I still don't like mornings, but I'm not death-warmed-over before 10 am.

Yay!  I hope that I can give an update in another 3 months and tell you that I have another 15 lbs gone and have met my goal.  I'm halfway there!  I can. do. it! :)

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