Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cover dirt with color...

What is it about kids that makes them constantly touch walls?  I understand when they're teeny and they need something to hold onto when teetering about and learning to walk.  I get that.  But WHY must they touch the walls after that stage?

My walls are filthy with finger prints, toy car tire marks, toe prints, booger smudges (ew), "accidental" pen and marker, and who-knows-what-else.  Granted, most of my walls are white.  (Thank you, boring Husband.)

So, I am dreaming of color.  I need and want to paint the house.  As in...all of it.  The living room, the bathroom, the stairway (including the stairs, but that skeers me a little), the kitchen...I even want to paint the outside doors.  I want the colors to be warm and homey and safe and BEAUTIFUL.  I'm open to anything, but am not excited about the idea of trying to cover black, dark purple or burgundy in a few years when I bore of those colors.

So...dear (3) readers?  What colors would you paint your walls if you had no restrictions?  Show me links if you can find them?


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