Friday, July 13, 2012


I know I've written here before about my strong desire to eliminate childhood cancer.  That certainly hasn't changed.  What I haven't written about is how I wish there were no cancer at all, really.  Adults don't deserve this shit anymore than kids do, you know?

A very good friend of mine from middle and high school was diagnosed with an acute form of leukemia today.  Her mother died of the same disease about 10 years ago. My friend has four gorgeous children.  FOUR.  Her twins are just 3 months older than my daughter...they're FIVE.  Argh.  This can't be more unfair.

In Spring of 2000, we were bridesmaids in each other's weddings.  Since then, life has gotten in the way a lot and we haven't seen much of each other over the last few years.  We'd occasionally exchange FB messages and/or phone calls.  We got together to shop about two years ago.  But, really...that's not enough, and I'm SO mad at myself.  I'm so mad that I don't make more of an effort to SEE and be present in the lives of those I truly care about.  Life shouldn't be THAT busy.  It's stupid, really and I make myself mad.

I felt dumb today as I told her husband that, "I realize your kids don't know me very well, but if you need help with them..."  Gah...what a stupid statement.  I mean, I really would be more than willing to help with their kids...but it's totally unrealistic given I'm a stranger to them.

She'll pull through this, she's tough.  I know she's going to be OK.  Medical advances since her mother suffered from this disease have been great.  She'll be ok.  She has to be.

Hug your loved ones.  Call them.  GO TO THEM.  Just be there..even if its just for a little while.  In the words of another dear friend, "you won't regret it".


  1. I hope your friend is doing well. I came across your blog while searching Google. I lost my 5 year old daughter to an acute biphenotype leukemia two years ago June 19th. Cancer sucks. Bottom line.

  2. Eleanor, thank you for your comment. My friend is doing well after chemo and a bone marrow transplant. I'm so grateful.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter. Childhood cancer is horrific. Bottom line. You're right...all cancer is. Biggest hugs to you... I wish I could offer more meaningful words. Words are really useless for losses like yours. If you have a blog, caringbridge site, FB page or anything that you'd like to share to talk about your sweet girl, please comment again. Much love.